Monday, January 22, 9:04 am

         From the point of view of business, the Sialkot International Airport project has many plus points. To begin with is its ideal location. The potential for  an international airport in the area has been appreciated for a long time. And over the years, air cargo and passenger needs of the districts that would be using the airport have grown manifold.

         At present, airports at Lahore and Islamabad provide the facility to the project area, but both of them are too distant for practicality or comfort. For the numerous industrialists sending and receiving cargo to and from destinations around the globe or large number of air-travelers, the benefits of an international airport closer at home are many.

        For the business community, the airport will bring an end to long delays, damage to goods or packing due to multiple handling, pilferage, security concerns and other losses. The airport will also be a welcome convenience for local and foreign business executives and other air-travelers who will be saved long road journeys from distant airports.

        Sialkot International Airport is destined to become the first choice for large volumes of air cargo and passenger traffic that already exists in the areas around it. Furthermore, the full export potential of the region will be realized with the establishment of an airport, making many new markets and sectors accessible and generating more business.