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About Cargo Terminal

Cargo Export

SIAL CARGO is providing cargo and related services to its regular carriers, non-schedule carriers, and Cargo Freighters from SIALKOT.

 We intend to grow and expand our position in national and international Air Cargo Handling Services. A strong team of experts and the will to persistently rethink and renew our processes will support us to professionally fulfill cliental needs and offer innovative solutions in future.

The SIAL cargo was first established in Sialkot in September, 2007 and has come of age in a short span of less than a year.

In order to ensure higher safety standards, better quality, leading edge of technology and enhanced customer services, SIAL has now constructed state of the art facilities at Sialkot which are fully computerized including the PRAL system. Fully equipped with state of the art facilities and allied equipment the sections at these stations are managed by experienced team of highly trained professionals fully equipped to handle all kinds of exports and imports.

Speed, efficiency and reliability are the factors that determine success in the Air Cargo business. State-of-the-art technology and automated processes are increasingly turning out to be key differentiators in customer satisfaction as well as operational efficiency. SIAL has trained its manpower to achieve these goals to keep ahead of the other competitors in this field.

The SIAL Cargo Complex is located at the Sialkot International Airport. It has the most modern and unique design to facilitate the working, storage and handling of cargo, ensuring its safety and custody. The Import works from 0900 to 1800 hrs, where as the export is 24/7.

The import Section has a cold room with a capability of - 8 degrees temperature, area for Un-Accompanied Baggage, Immediate Clearance Goods, and Storage for Valuable items (Strong Room), Dangerous Goods Storage, Cargo Examination Section and Air Freight Unit. It also has offices for SIAL, Custom officials, and Airline staff.

Utilizing an automated cargo handling system, Import Cargo Section provides (0900 Hrs – 1700 Hrs) information on cargo arrivals and flight schedules. Within 8 hours from its arrival, general cargo is checked, stored and documents are made available for Customs clearance.

Quick-service facilities are provided for perishables and special cargo. Working adjacent with Pakistan Customs Authorities, the Import Cargo Customer Service staff provides documents to its customers in order to secure quick Customs clearance requirements. Freight-Status-Updates (FSU) messaging requirements of airlines are met through the automated cargo handling system and electronic data. These messages are sent automatically to the airline-customers, depending on the status-event of the consignment.