Friday, February 23, 5:24 pm
Export Cargo Services

Export Complex

Sialkot International Airport Limited aims to provide the "best-value" services to airport users in the most efficient and effective manner. To optimize land-use and enable economies of scale in airport support and related cargo services.


  • Cargo Terminal designed with capacity to handle 20000 tons of cargo per year


  • Equipped with state-of-the-art fully automated cargo handling system
  • The terminal is equipped with special cargo handling facilities – strong / cold rooms, freezers, dangerous goods room,

There are three sub sections:

o   Export Acceptance: accept export cargo, post/mail, at unloading dock, weight export cargo and apply X-ray requirements.

o   Export Document Counter: issue export cargo manifest for Airlines, issue export cargo form and telex message correspondence. etc.

o   Export Storage and Preparation for Departure flight: move export cargo into export storage, preparation for departure flight, palletizing build-up. etc.

1. Limited Time Handling for Export Cargo

Time limit for shipper or clearance agent to get his/her shipment ready for export


Cargo Type

Ready for Export



Special Cargo:

Live animals
Express cargo
Diplomatic mails

2 hours before ETD*



Special Cargo:

Human Remains

3 hours before ETD*



General Cargo:

General cargo for bulk load

4 hours before ETD*



General Cargo:

General cargo for palletizing

6 hours before ETD*


ETD* = Estimated Time of Departure