Friday, February 23, 5:24 pm
Import Cargo Services
  • Import Building
    • The Import Clearance Center located on airport property was designed to centralize the Federal Agencies under one roof saving the cargo community valuable time and money by providing a one-stop clearance center for documentation.
    • Sialkot International Airport has more scheduled non-stop flights by difference Airlines from various origins (around the world).
    • SIAL’s primary objective –
    • Provide state of the art facilities and services for Cargo handling.
    • Provide the Import hub for all type of Import cargo from small shipments to heavy odd sized equipment's.
    • The Airport's significant gains in the world's air cargo market have provided widespread economic benefits for SIAL. The Airport is also the base for an excellent trade support infrastructure for cargo airlines, with more than 200 freight forwarders and almost 50 customs brokers located around the airport. Their business is expedited by a unique "one-stop" Cargo Clearance Center, housing approximately 10 inspectors from Pakistan Government providing a 24-hour cargo clearance operation.

      Silent Features


      • SIAL providing 5 day free of cost warehousing
      • 70% cheaper than other Airports
      • Lockers Room available
      • Storage room Available
      • 2000 square feet ware-house
      • 24 hours service for D/O





      General Cargo Handling

      Valuable Handling

      Live Animal Handling

      IATA Standard Messages

      ULD Stock Disposal/Track

      Cargo Tracking/Warehousing

      Perishable Handling

      Oversize Cargo Handling

      Import Documentation

      Import Acceptance



      Note: Need to develop a link pre-alerts after feeding into ERP all import cargo etc (D/O issued) from here